Wednesday, February 27, 2008

giving back

Well, I've decided to do something a little different on this blog this week, and combine a few of my passions at the same time. When I first started into photography work, I wanted to be able to use it towards things bigger than myself and my family, and so I've come up with a way to give back an a couple ways.
I am offering a chance to win a FREE PORTRAIT SESSION. Got your attention now? Keep reading...
This past weekend, the high schoolers at our church participated in the 30 Hour Famine - a worldwide event that raises awareness and funds for children suffering from poverty and hunger-related issues. For 30 hours, our youth went without food, while doing different activities and service projects, and raising money for the cause. We even got featured in the local news! =)
This is the third year that we have had this event, and I think it's an awesome thing. I really appreciate what World Vision (the organization that sponsors 30 Hour Famine) does for children in need, in communities around the world... and I could go on and on about the awesome things they do. As a mom, my heart goes out to these kids who are facing an overwhelming amount of hardships and struggles.
So I'd like to offer this chance for anyone interested to donate towards the Famine... and have a chance to win a photo session with me in return. $30 is enough to feed one child for one month. So here is how this will work:

- If you'd like to give a donation towards the 30 Hour Famine, email me at and tell me the amount you'd like to donate.

- For every $30 that you donate, you will get 1 entry into my Free Portrait Session Drawing. (The more you donate, the greater your chances are to win!)

- Sometime next week, I will draw one winner from all the entries. The winner will receive one Basic Session with me.

- To enter, you must email me with your donation amount by next Monday, March 3rd. (I will reply to your email with more details on how to send in the donation)

- Thanks for listening and caring! Feel free to pass this along to others, as well. I know my blog is relatively new, so not sure how much traffic I am getting at this point. =)

(photo courtesy of World Vision)

BTW, sometimes, I half-joke that one of my dreams would be to be the photographer that gets to take these photos of these kids around the world one day...

And for those who are interested... here are the media links:
Detroit News (Friday online)
Detroit Free Press article (also shown in Sunday's paper version, front page of Local section)
Detroit Free Press online video (posted Sunday)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

job perks

I was asked to speak at a moms group earlier this week about "How to Photograph Your Baby". I think the moms learned a little something and had a good time. And the benefit for me is that I get to meet more cute babies and take their pictures. Weeee!! What a fun job I have.

There happened to be a Luke and a Hannah there, so I felt right at home. =)
Here are just a few shots from the day...

*ALSO*, next week, I will be posting about a way to WIN A PORTRAIT SESSION by me... and help some kids at the same time. So STAY TUNED....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

winter fun

Many clients like to wait until warmer weather comes to schedule a photo session, but I love taking photos in the snow... and I am happy that this family was willing to humor me and brave the cold weather for part of their session.
...I think Gabriel had a good time, too.

(enough of these indoors, I want to be outside...)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

tea for one

Hannah decided to have a tea party for herself.

Step One. Pour "tea" from sippy cup into each teacup...

Step Two. Guzzle the tea.
Step Three. Repeat step 1 & 2 over and over again.

Optional Step. Proceed to line teacups perfectly in a row...

She continues to amuse and impress me. =)

Friday, February 15, 2008

a new look

My website got a bit of a makeover...

I may still make some tweaks but go check it out and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

another newbie

Our friends have a daughter, M, just a few weeks younger than Hannah. Hannah and M love playing together, and M's mom says Hannah and M "have the same program running" in so many respects. So I was excited to hear that they were expecting another baby, and couldn't pass up the chance to take his pictures. So welcome, little N. So nice to meet you.


can't resist the little feet

already a loving and protective big sister

Thursday, February 7, 2008

All Things New

Welcome!! I am excited to finally launch my new blog... I have been a bit slow and shy to enter into the blog world, but here we go...! This will be my place to post my latest photos, sneak previews for clients, inspirations, and other hopefully enjoyable things for you to read and see.

So what better way to kick off my new blog than with some photos of a new baby. After several reschedules, I was happy to finally be able to meet little J for his newborn session. Here's a sneak preview for you S & J -- enjoy!!

At 3 weeks old, J may be getting past his newborn-sleep-through-anything phase. But we still got some sleepy shots...

... as well as some awake shots =) (I love the expression...)

look at the baby fuzz and rolls...

... and the little feet

I love mom's expression in the background...

and he was a trooper... even letting us take some photos outside!

ok... S & J, hope you enjoy this small taste of what your collection will be like. I really enjoyed the session! Thanks for having me come!

And in keeping with the theme "All Things New", I was a little late in my goal of starting this blog with the 2008 new year... but just in time for celebrating Chinese New Year's. So Happy Chinese New Year!

Looking forward to many more new things to come...