Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I've been holding off on making this announcement, but I think it's about time. Many of you already know that we are MOVING to China (!!!) before the end of this year. I am both excited and fearful, as it's something we've dreamed of doing for a while... yet now that it is reality, it's also equally scary with all the unknowns and challenged ahead.

So what does this mean for "anita j c photography"? A few things...

Well, I've decided to not take any additional bookings for July and August. (If you've already contacted me about a session, this does not apply to you) Things are way too crazy right now with all we have going on with the move, and as much as I love my photography, I need to focus on other things for the time being.

If things settle down and we don't move right away, I may open up a limited number of sessions for September and beyond. (Christmas card mini-sessions, anyone?)
If you would be interested in a fall session, please email me and stay tuned to this blog! That will ensure you get first notice if and when I open up some sessions ...and it might motivate me to open up some sessions =)

Also, people keep asking if I'll keep doing this while I am in China. The answer is I don't know. I would love to, but we'll have to wait and see...

Thanks to everyone who has made this little interest/passion/obsession of mine possible, and trusting me with capturing your family and moments! I won't get totally mushy now, as I'm not quite leaving yet!!

I'll leave you with a couple recent shots of Hannah, since someone complained I don't take enough photos of her. (I do!! I just keep most of them for myself. =b)

Oh, and one final note: I will be out of town until July 1st. All emails and orders will be taken care of after I return.



because they're waiting so patiently

I thought I'd post a couple quick sneak peeks while they wait for me to finish up editing their collection.


heehee. Can you guess what her name is?


Mom really wanted to get her adorable girl's 6-7 month pictures taken... and I really wanted to be able to take them for her!! 6 months is such a cute stage. But I already had a pretty booked schedule, but managed to figure out *one* possible time slot for them. I am glad it worked out. And Olivia was a trooper being out in the heat and new surroundings. Thanks for being so accomodating!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how many photographers does it take to take a group picture?

apparently a lot. =b And a lot of tries! But after a couple cameras tumbling off of chairs, tipping over, (don't worry, they were point-and-shoots) or shutting off instead of going to self-timer, we did finally manage to get a couple decent group pictures of everyone who attended the "I Shot Someone in Detroit" workshop.


haha, of course this snapshot was ultimately taken with my SLR, self-timer on, perched on a chair. I think us professional photographers just don't do well with those little point-and-shoots.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

i feel like posting a lot of pictures

Maybe because this baby is such a happy kid, it makes me happy to look at all her pictures. =)






Thanks so much for having me capture your beautiful, happy child! Can't wait to show you the rest!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i shot someone in detroit

no, that's not a confession... it's a photography workshop I've been at the past couple days. So I really should be either sleeping or catching up on some editing or cleaning up the house... but can't help wanting to post about this workshop instead. Had a great time meeting about 30 other photographers in the area, getting together to do tons of "shooting" and learn from each other. I feel like my mind is reeling with different conversations and things I absorbed from being around other photographers... and maybe it'll lead to some revamping of things around here. =) But before I start thinking of all that, should really get on that editing and/or cleaning...

In the meantime, here are some of the boys...



Hannah came along also to model, and she totally became attached to this sweetheart, following him wherever he went. hmmm...



Thanks Amy, Chris & Michelle for all you put into it!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Happy Father's Day to all you loving dads out there!

I love photographing dads with their kids, because no matter how much of a "guy" any dad is, they totally melt and soften when they're with their little ones. And the tenderness and love captured is so real and natural.

But this post is especially for this dad, who is the best "baba" Hannah could have.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

all smiles

Meet Brady. He is by far the most smiley newborn I've ever met.


Will have to wait until the announcements go out before posting more. =)

Congratulations you guys. Can't wait to show you the rest.

Friday, June 13, 2008



Saw this spot yesterday. Looking at this photo just makes me wish I could be in and stay in that quiet spot all day.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

vote for hannah... please?

Haha. I randomly came upon this contest, and submitted a quick snapshot just for fun... and I just checked and my entry got picked! So if you're reading this on or before June 4th, will you cast a quick vote for Hannah? =b I guess you can vote for other kids instead, but thought I'd put in the shameless plug for her. =)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

putting a smile on my face

In the midst of editing this recent session, and the images we got of these two sweethearts are totally making me smile -- and even laugh out loud at times. It makes me think the work I do is good for my soul.

Erin just turned one (can't believe how fast time has gone!). Mom was out of the room when we shot these, so these are a surprise for her:


And here is big brother Colin, working the camera. =)


Can't wait to share the rest with this family!