Thursday, July 24, 2008


Just a note that I will be on vacation 7/24 to 8/4... which means to emails, no orders, no phone calls until I get back. =)
Now stop reading this and go out and enjoy your summer. =)


FYI, we're headed to Rome and cruising the Mediterranean, so I'm sure I'll be taking *lots* of pictures...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

just for fun

I've been posting so many newborns lately, thought I'd show something on the other end of the "childhood" spectrum.
I've known this girl for quite a while now, and it's hard to believe she's headed to college in the fall! She had her senior pictures taken at a local studio earlier in the year, and wasn't super thrilled about them. So when I found out a workshop I was going to needed models, I thought it'd be a perfect to invite her!
She was quite a trooper, posing all afternoon for all these photographers, going all over downtown Detroit... but I think now she'll have an amazing collection of senior pictures that others will envy.
Isn't she stunning and sweet, all mixed together? =)





Saturday, July 19, 2008


Had the most enjoyable session this morning, photographing this beautiful newborn girl.
Parents who trust me to try anything + a newborn who will sleep through anything + such delicate, tiny features = a session that left me happy for the rest of the day.
It was so great to see guys again! Congratulations on your beautiful girl. I know you were eager to see a few of these...and I am eager to share!


look at those lips...



Meet her guardian...


You may recognize this couple from here... and still gorgeous.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm glad i waited

For some reason, I had this particular pose in mind during this recent newborn session... but no matter how much I tried, this guy just wouldn't do it! So I actually gave up, since we got plenty of other good shots anyways. But then I stuck around for lunch... and after we both had a bit to eat... he finally cooperated. =) So do you think it was worth the wait?


More to come later...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

intricate beauty

Just a little post to say hello, taking a breath in the midst of my craziness.
Was in LA last weekend for a wedding. It was good to see lots of family... and go to my first bridal henna party. =)


Can you find the groom's name hidden within the design?

Congratulations you guys!