Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how many photographers does it take to take a group picture?

apparently a lot. =b And a lot of tries! But after a couple cameras tumbling off of chairs, tipping over, (don't worry, they were point-and-shoots) or shutting off instead of going to self-timer, we did finally manage to get a couple decent group pictures of everyone who attended the "I Shot Someone in Detroit" workshop.


haha, of course this snapshot was ultimately taken with my SLR, self-timer on, perched on a chair. I think us professional photographers just don't do well with those little point-and-shoots.


Jean Smith Photography said...

yeah baby...WHO are those hot photographers?!?!? and what? they shot someone in detroit??? it was so fun meeting you...your images are beautiful!

Ann said...

Great shot, too bad we didn't all have tee's!

I am glad your camera wasn't one of the ones crashing to the floor!