Friday, April 25, 2008

double delight

A couple weekends ago, we took a trip to Charlottesville, VA for a cousin's wedding. For all the traveling we've done, I realized I know very little about the state of Virginia. But when we arrived, I immediately loved it. The area is so very picturesque. And as a photographer, I was practically drooling at all the amazing potential photo spots.
Then, not only was there plenty of beautiful scenery to capture, there were also plenty of babies to photograph!! This side of the family has had a bit of a baby boom in the past couple years (all girls!!), and we were so happy to meet all the little cousins. So needless to say, I was taking a lot of photos that weekend.

Here's one happy girl...


And her twin sister, just taking a rest on daddy's lap...


I will try to post more babies from the weekend another time, along with some scenery shots.

I also realized reason #37 as to why I am a photographer. When I am awed by the things around me, I just want to hang on to what I see and feel. Photography is my little attempt to grab all that beauty and put it in a little bottle for me to keep... of course, still nothing beats actually being in that present moment.