Sunday, April 20, 2008

new arrival

Life has been very full lately, and I've had to take a blog break (although I probably think about things I want to post several times a day).
But I wanted to squeeze in a post for this recent newborn session, since Mom is probably eagerly waiting. =)
I was so happy to meet Danny, who surprised everyone being a couple weeks early. He is such a beautiful newborn! And completely cooperative during our session. He slept so peacefully, it made my job easy. =)
Thanks Mom and Dad for humoring me and letting me rearrange your entire house. Haha.
I am tempted to post so many good images that we got... but I want to save some for the birth announcements, so here are just a few for now:


the affectionate big brother

ok, enough pictures already...

Lots of other things I want to post... hopefully I'll get a chance to later this week!

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Joanne said...

love these pictures!