Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am so excited, I had to blog. =b
We got a new computer over a month ago, and I was totally looking forward to using it for all my photography work, as it is *much* faster than what I was using before. But unfortunately, I soon found that I couldn't jump right into using it because I was having issues with the color being consistent across different programs I used... so I couldn't trust whether the color of my images was accurate or not during my editing.
I finally got a little bit of downtime to look into this issue further, and was planning to spend this entire afternoon on the phone with Adobe customer service, trying to figure out what the issue was exactly (I had talked to them a while back and they suggested trying one thing, but it didn't work, and I haven't had time to call back since) But before I called them, I decided to play around with it a little more.

So by a combination of 1) one of the programs miraculously fixing itself (seriously, I turned it on and suddenly the color was different than before) and 2) me changing one other color setting ... my computer is all better and good to go!!!

So now I am happy because I can finally use our new computer... and I've got that nice satisfying feeling when you kinda understand what you had to do to fix it. Ok, I guess that's my nerdy side coming out. =)


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