Wednesday, November 26, 2008

mail and bananas

after 1 1/2 months, i am happy to say i know how to send and receive mail here.

i had stocked up on some beautiful stationary and thank you cards from dozi before leaving the States. btw - she's having a giveaway in honor of her blog's one year anniversary, so go check it out!

several stamps and a mandatory (i.e. boring) "standard airmail" envelope later, they were finally mailed off and will hopefully brighten someone's mailbox soon.

we've also received our first postcard in the mail(exciting). And then a couple weeks ago, our first care package arrived, which included this:

um... yes, if you do the math, it arrived a little too late to be filled out and counted.
But we still watched the election results from here that day. And as we watched, hannah kept repeating the name of our new president - "Barakobanana! Barakobanana!"

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cornelia said...

LOL oh man hannah cracks me up. so do they deliver packages to your house or do you have to go pick it up?