Friday, December 26, 2008

andy+katina | engagement shoot

a couple friends visited us from Shanghai last weekend, and one of the items on our agenda was to take their engagement photos. when i first met andy and katina, i thought they made such a handsome couple. so i was definitely excited to get to do this session. the session was a lot of fun - along with a bit of a workout as i made them hike up and down a mountain. =) but they were open to try anything and had lots of their own ideas too. i'm still wading through the *tons* of photos we took, but i know they're eager to see some, so here is a small sneak peek.
it's also a breath of fresh air for me to finally be posting some people pictures on this blog, rather than inanimate objects. =) because photographing people is what i really love in the first place.




some landscape you can't find in the States - a bamboo forest.

and finally they were determined to get a jumping shot - it made for a lot of laughs.

congratulations andy and katina. we're very excited for you guys.


Jen said...

Beautiful pictures Anita! I love the one in the forest :)

Joanne said...

i love the bamboo one too!

dee said...

i love all the outdoor natural backgrounds! the bamboo forest sure is special!