Wednesday, January 7, 2009

we have finally arrived

before we moved, one of the few things that hannah understood about China was that after we got there, she would be able to ride a bike. (we didn't want to purchase a bike for her earlier in the States and then have lug it all the way here) almost everytime we mentioned we would be moving, she would respond that she would then be able to ride a bike... or play with her new toy kitchen (another object we held out on opening until after we moved).
well, on Christmas day, when Luke rolled her new bike through the door, she exclaimed, "Oh! Wo men zhongyu dao Zhongguo le! Wo men zhongyu dao Zhongguo le!" (Translation: We have finally arrived in China!) so yes, I guess our move is now official.


(excuse the blurry, not very professional looking picture =) )

I have another exciting project to share about in the next few days, so stay tuned!


cornelia said...

hahaa that's so great. ;) hannah's chinese is so good! using "zhong yu" is pretty impressive. have fun with the kitchen and the bike!

lily said...

how cute! hannah's so eloquent! i'm very impressed. she should become a writer. =D