Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shokay part 2 - children's luxury handknits | commercial shoot

More wonderful outfits from Shokay.

And I must say, when photographing commercial shoots, it is rather convenient to have a model always on hand, available to do whatever you tell her to do. =)

I love this dress with its bit of Chinese qipao style.

I really like the bold color - though you can customize the colors on any order.

These mittens and scarf match the cardigan in my last post. And the top of the mittens are flapped so that they can open and fold back, exposing the fingertips when it gets warmer.

Love the details and colors on this hooded cape.

And one last one for fun.

So which is your favorite?


lily said...

she's such a beautiful model! i love the dress with the boots! and the colors in the hooded cape, too! i'm a sucker for hooded things. love the pics, anita!

cornelia said...

oooh super cute model! =) i really like the dress and boots. did you have the boots or they provided that? also still love the scarf pattern.