Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shokay part 3 - my favorite | commercial shoot

OK, I know all the Shokay clothes I've posted so far are adorable, but when I received this collection, I knew it was my favorite! All the outfits are simply darling, with the best coordinating hats. And the workmanship and details are just amazing.

Some of you have wondered what sizes these clothes are available in. The answer - any size! They're standard sizes go up to size 6 yrs old for kids, but they custom anything for any age and size - including adults!

makes me feel like going on a Sunday afternoon picnic.


*love* this.



cornelia said...

oooh so many cute outfits! i want to be a kid again ;)

lily said...

oh, i LOVE these, too! the first and third are amazing! the hats are super cute. you need to find a boy and post some boy clothes, too! =P

dee said...

anita, the outfits are adorable! but especially the model. :)
hope u are having a great time in hk and phuket!