Friday, January 23, 2009

taking off


Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year in China is like Christmas/New Year's time in the US - which means extended time off of work and a time to travel. Most people will go back to their hometowns to gather with family and eat and eat and eat.
Our hometown is kind of far, so instead we're off to explore and enjoy Hong Kong and Phuket for about 2 weeks. Can't wait to be in warmer climates. Will post more when we return. =)

(note: sweater shown above is, of course, another by Shokay)


cornelia said...

have a great trip!!! =)

lily said...

have a great trip! ellen choi and i went to phuket a few years back. it was great, but during monsoon season, so we couldn't swim in the water. we did do some "jungle tour" on guided elephants, which was fun. =D can't wait to see your pics!

Blink Photography, Sarah Wheeler said...

Have a great trip, and congratulations on winning a fancy new blog!!